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To Repair or to Replace

Imagine it is the height of winter, you are letting a property in a little town. You come home from work one day and stumble into the warm relief of heat after a hand-numbingly, chilly commute home. After getting changed into something a little more cosy you decide that you fancy pasta pesto for tea…

Renting Just Got Cheaper

Good news for people looking to rent! Findings from last month on the Homelet Rental Index suggest that for new tenancy agreements, rental prices are continuing to drop in seven out of 12 regions in the country. While the South West saw the biggest monthly drop of 9.3%, East Anglia wasn’t far behind with a…

20% of Landlords are denied Buy-to-Let Mortgages

As you may know, the rental market is stronger than ever, but according to the National Landlords Association this week a fifth of Landlords who want to purchase additional buy-to-let mortgages have been denied or are at risk of being so. Many landlords have criticised mortgage lenders, saying that they are increasingly difficult to work…