A Tenant’s Guide to Moving Out

Your tenancy has come to an end, and now there are a lot of different tasks you will need to juggle before you can successfully leave the property. Take a look at our guide to moving out. Round off all your bills Unpaid rent is the most common reason for tenants...

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How Much Does Disrepair Put Off Home Buyers?

When viewing a property, we’re all on the lookout for anything and everything that needs fixing or could use a bit of work. While we’d all love to find a home that requires no work at all, chances are whenever you buy a property, it will come with its fair share of...

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Incentives not Tax!

The property market is grinding to a halt ( with many arguing which way things are going to go: are we heading for a crash? Will we tick over for the foreseeable future or will everything spring back into action? One thing...

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