Incentives not Tax!

The property market is grinding to a halt ( with many arguing which way things are going to go: are we heading for a crash? Will we tick over for the foreseeable future or will everything spring back into action? One thing...

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Homeowners Underestimating The Cost Of Renovation

If you own a home, then there is a very strong chance that at one point or another you’ve considered making some renovations. While decorating a room can be relatively cheap and straightforward, it appears that homeowners in the UK are underestimating the cost of some...

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First-Time Buyers: What Are Your Options?

With the recent cut of stamp duty for first-time buyers and low-interest rates, many property experts are predicting considerable growth in first-time buyers in 2018. The housing market can be an inhospitable place for young first-time buyers. It requires a dedication...

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How to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Most of us spend the colder months of the year dreaming about the summer, but it can be easy to forget how inhospitable the heat can make your home. Ensure you have all the fun in the sun with none of the discomfort with our guide to keeping your home cool this...

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