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Viewing a Property

Subject to access and availability, viewings can be arranged at any time during or outside of office hours. To ensure any queries are resolved, all viewings are accompanied by a member of our team. We can on occasions arrange viewings outside normal office hours.

If you find a property you would like to move in to, there are several steps you must complete prior to occupation. Below are WitLet’s Terms and Conditions to taking up tenancy:


Before entering a tenancy, we will take up references on each prospective tenant (aged 18 years and above) for which we will use a professional comprehensive tenant assessment service via GoodLord

All of our referencing is now completed online! WitLet will add you to the system by adding your name, mobile phone number and email address then you will be sent a link to complete and start the procedure.All payments are made via GoodLord and the following costs are applicable:

First tenant applicant = £140.00 including VAT

Additional tenant applicant(s) = £60.00 including VAT

Guarantor applicant (if required) = £60.00 including VAT


If your application is rejected through poor references or you withdrawing between now and its completion, you will not be eligible for a refund. You should advise us if you have any reason to feel that you may fail the Tenant assessment process before we submit your details to our referencing agency. In some instances, there may be ways to still take up a tenancy, often with a Guarantor. If, however, the Landlord withdraws the property your money will be refunded or an alternative property offered if available.

  • The GoodLord referencing criteria can be found by clicking here.

A Guarantor must be in permanent employment with an annual income sufficient to cover the referencing criteria on the chosen property. The individual must be a homeowner and a UK resident for least 3 years.  A Guarantor applicant will be subject to the same assessment process as a Tenant applicant and will therefore be required to provide the same information and supporting documents. It will be necessary for a Guarantor to be party at commencement and throughout the entire tenancy. The Guarantor must sign the Guarantor Agreement before move in.

GoodLord will conduct an assessment on the credit profile of each Tenant and Guarantor applicant, checking for adverse credit, County Court Judgments and Bankruptcy Orders as well as searching the electoral roll. They will also contact your employer/accountant and current landlord for references.

Once a full application has been received, providing the property is vacant, we would expect to check you in within 10 workings days; this is subject to referees responding immediately and all requested information being supplied.  In any case you need to satisfy yourself that in reserving the property you will be a position to sign the necessary Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement within this time frame. If you not, the Landlord reserves the right to let to an alternative applicant and no refund will be made in this instance.

Prior To Taking Up Tenancy

On receipt of satisfactory references you will be contacted by WitLet, either by phone or post, to agree a convenient date for you to move into the property. Please do not make any arrangements for moving in until you have had confirmation from us that you have passed the assessment process and your check-in date has been confirmed.

Tenancy Commencement

The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement must be signed by all Tenants and Guarantor (if applicable) prior to commencement of the tenancy. All parties will attend our office with supporting documents, including photographic identification and proof of residency, so that we may witness signatures.  All Tenants are entitled to obtain independent legal advice. Please note that that the agreements are subject to satisfactory references and tenancy is subject to the signing of the agreements.

On the day of check in we will require the tenancy deposit equivalent to one and half months’ rent, the first month’s rental and check out fee (cost detailed in the ‘Vacating & Check-Out section of this document). We can accept payment by cash, credit or debit card, bankers draft or cheque. If paying by cheque, you will need to allow 5 working days to ensure the funds have cleared.

Deposit monies taken on the tenancy will be forwarded to the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) in accordance with the terms and conditions of the DPS.  Terms & conditions and Alternative Dispute Resolution rules governing the protection of the deposit, and the repayment procedure, can be found at www.depositprotection.com, unless your landlord is registered with an alternative scheme or insured to hold the monies.

On the day of check-in you will be required to confirm the Inventory and Schedule of Condition and also take meter readings. It is your responsibility to ensure that the inventory is detailed and accurate as this will be your record of the property’s condition upon commencement of the tenancy. The inventory will be used when you vacate the property to assess the condition of the property for the return of your deposit. The inventory must be confirmed as acceptable within two weeks of collecting keys.

We will provide you with necessary bank details to pay your rent. Please be aware that the facility is arranged and controlled by your Bank and it is your responsibility to ensure that the rent is paid on time. It is also your responsibility to adjust your rent payments to adjust yours payments in line with rent increases and cancel your standing order at end of tenancy.

If we are acting as managing agents we are required by the Landlord to inspect the property on a regular basis; this is approximately every 12 weeks. We will serve notice prior to inspection and you can be present if you wish.  Inspections are carried out between 9am and 5pm between Monday and Friday and special appointments can be made subject to notice. Please note that if access is not allowed for an inspection appointment, a charge of £30.00 (inclusive of VAT) will be payable.

If we are not acting as managing agents you will be provided with the landlord’s name and contact details. The Landlord will make arrangements directly with you to carry out their own inspections.

On completion of your fixed term, if your Landlord offers an extension to your tenancy, our charges are £60.00 (inclusive of VAT) to cover the costs of administration.

It is your responsibility to check all the documents including the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement and standing order mandate to ensure that details are correct before signing.

Utilities & Council Tax

All Tenants pay utility costs for water, sewerage, electricity, gas, oil, Council Tax and telephone (unless included in monthly rental). If you have elected not to have your utilities arranged by Tenant Shop (further information available on request), it is the Tenants’ responsibility to arrange accounts with the utility providers and ensure that the local authorities are informed you have taken up tenancy in relation to Council Tax.

It is vital that the Utilities are transferred into your name when you move into the property, as we will ask you to provide a copy of a bill for each service at the end of the tenancy. Deposits will not be returned until we are satisfied that all utility accounts have been transferred for the duration. You must also ensure that ingoing and outgoing meter readings have been recorded.

Useful Information

For Water: Essex & Suffolk Water tel. 08457 820 111 www.eswater.co.uk

For Sewerage: Anglia Water tel. 0800 919 155 www.angliawater.co.uk

If you require details of the current suppliers to the property contact SUPPLIER ENQUIRIES:

For Electricity telephone 0845 601 5467,  

For Gas telephone 0870 608 1524

If you smell gas – telephone National Grid – 0800 111 999.

Meter Point Enquiries telephone 0870 963082

Vacating the property & Check-Out

At the end of your tenancy we will arrange for a professional Inventory Clerk to attend and check you out of the property; costs are detailed below. Payment for the check-out service are requested at the start of the tenancy and held on account until the time of your check-out appointment.

CHECK-OUT FEE (inclusive of VAT) –

Please note that there is £11.50 charge for each additional room.


We reserve the right to deduct from your tenancy deposit the cost of professional cleaning of the property, together with all carpets and appliances. We may also clean windows and tidy gardens. Deductions will also be made for the cost of any repairs to the property, furnishings or appliances other than fair wear and tear, and re-decoration, if required. If pets have been kept on the premises, carpets will be cleaned and sanitized by a professional carpet cleaning firm.

Tenants Insurance

It is necessary as a condition of your tenancy to obtain and maintain an insurance policy with a reputable insurer to provide cover for accidental damage to the Landlords property, fixture and fittings and possessionsWe will require you to provide our office with a copy of your Insurance Certificate before commencement of your tenancy.  All policies must cover Landlords’ fixtures and fittings against accidental damage.

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