The Value of Gardens to UK Property

Doesn’t everyone dream of living in a house with a garden? Now we’re in summer, isn’t it a nice thought to sit in your garden, drink in hand (no judging on what drink you’re thinking of), in the sun with a barbeque about to be lit? But what is the value of gardens to the UK housing market?

Gardens in the UK

This week is ‘National Growing for Wellbeing Week’ (catchy!) which highlights the benefits of growing your own fruit and veg within your garden. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the grow-your-own trend is stronger than ever with sales of fruit and veg plants/trees outstripping more traditional garden plants. The RHS go on to say that, on average, UK households spend £150 on their garden each year. The average garden for the UK is 14 square metres. On top of this, there are still 300,000 allotments in the UK in which people can utilise space outside their gardens also.

So What’s Happening?

However, with the aggressive building homes policies that have been adopted in recent years, the numbers of household without a garden is will reach record highs in 2020 As of 1995, according to DEFRA, the number of households without a garden was 1.6million. Fast forward 25 years, this number will have increased by a staggering 1 million! This would see the value of gardens increasing at a decent pace if the trend carries on like this!

How Will The Value of Gardens Affect Our Sale?

How does this affect the re-sale value of your property? Will the value of gardens be “a thing” in the future? The BTL market may not be so affected given a rental property is traditionally a more short term option, the long term implications for selling your property may be more affectable. This is not to say that selling will be impossible but it will be increasingly important to consider your marketing strategy and selling strategy when the time to sell comes. Why not talk to Witham’s property experts and see how we can help you progress up the housing ladder? For a free no obligation appraisal, call us on 01376502450 today! Alternatively, click here for an online valuation!

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