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We have been in business as a high street agency since the early 1990’s. Despite the changes within the industry regarding the presence of online agencies, we believe the presence of a physical presence you can walk into and ask questions to be a really valuable asset. There are also plenty of people who do not want to work ‘Online’ and prefer a traditional method of high street estate and letting agency.

We offer our landlords a very simple offering: MANAGED or NON MANAGED (LET ONLY/FIND A TENANT).

Our MANAGED service, simply put, takes all the stress away from you as a landlord. We ensure all legislation is complied with from the start to the finish of the tenancy and our service includes both photographic inventories and a photographic check out of the property.

Our NON MANAGED service on the other hand will find you a tenant and tick all compliance boxes before handing the agreement to you and introducing you to the tenant so you can work together moving forwards.

We have a very straight forward way of working and try not to over complicate things with lettings management starting at 7.5% (+ VAT) while we charge 70% of the first months rent + VAT for our non managed service.You can click here for more information.

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