How to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Most of us spend the colder months of the year dreaming about the summer, but it can be easy to forget how inhospitable the heat can make your home.

Ensure you have all the fun in the sun with none of the discomfort with our guide to keeping your home cool this summer.

Use your windows and curtains

It’s a shame to shut all that natural light out of your house, but unfortunately, it comes with a good deal of heat. Closing all your curtains or following the sun’s progression across your house will seriously lower the temperature.

As soon as the sun has gone down, however, we would recommend throwing open the curtains and windows so that you can let in as much of that cool evening air as possible.

Build a makeshift air con

Can’t afford the electric bill and initial cost of an air conditioning unit? You can create your own air con by placing ice/frozen ice packs in a washing up bowl. You can then place it at an angle in front of a regular fan, which will circulate cold air around the room.

Switch off the electrical appliances

Every single one of your appliances gives off heat whilst they are on. During the hottest hours of the day, you should avoid using washing machines, dishwashers, hobs and ovens. Lighting should also be avoided when the sun goes down.

Drink plenty of water and eat cold

Staying hydrated and eating cold food like salad will help you to keep your body temperature down and avoids using any heat-generating appliances.

Sleep on the lower floor

Have you ever headed upstairs when it’s sunny, only to find that the upper floors are far warmer than the lower floor? This is because heat always rises to the highest possible point. If you are struggling to sleep, ditch the sweltering upper floor and sleep downstairs – either on your couch or your airbed.


You probably see a lot of advice articles recommending insulation for keeping your home warm in the summer, but did you know that it also keeps the heat out in the summer? If you don’t already have insulation in your home, it will practically pay for itself in the money saved on energy bills.

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