UK Property Market vs. HBO’s Last of Us: A Comparison

The UK property market has been a topic of interest for many people in recent years, with fluctuations in prices and changes in regulations affecting both buyers and sellers. HBO’s Last of Us series, set in a post-apocalyptic world, may seem like an unlikely comparison. However, there are some interesting parallels to be drawn between the two. In this blog, we’ll explore the similarities and differences between the current state of the UK property market and HBO’s Last of Us.

The Impact of the Pandemic on the UK Property Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK property market, with many buyers and sellers forced to put their plans on hold. Lockdowns and social distancing measures made it difficult for people to view properties or arrange moves. Additionally, economic uncertainty has made some buyers cautious about investing in property.

Our outbound link to the Office for National Statistics shows that the UK house prices increased by 7.5% in the year to November 2021, indicating that the property market is rebounding despite the pandemic.

Similarly, in Last of Us, a pandemic has devastated the world, leading to a collapse of society and a struggle for survival. The show explores the impact of the pandemic on people’s lives, highlighting the challenges of rebuilding and moving forward in a world that has been fundamentally changed.

The Importance of Location

In the UK property market, location has always been a crucial factor in determining the value of a property. Factors such as proximity to transport links, schools, and local amenities can all impact the price of a property. Additionally, some areas are more desirable than others, with buyers willing to pay a premium for a desirable location.

Our inbound link to a property listing website shows the importance of location in the UK property market, with the website providing information on the location and nearby amenities of properties listed for sale.

In Last of Us, location is equally important, but for different reasons. In a world where resources are scarce, the ability to find food, shelter, and other essential items is vital. Some locations may be safer than others, or offer better opportunities for survival. Similarly, in the property market, some locations may offer better investment opportunities or higher rental yields.

The Importance of Adaptability

Both the UK property market and Last of Us highlight the importance of adaptability in changing circumstances. In the property market, buyers and sellers need to be able to adapt to changing economic conditions, market fluctuations, and regulatory changes. Similarly, in Last of Us, characters need to be able to adapt to the changing landscape and evolving threats in order to survive.

Our outbound link to a news article shows the importance of adaptability in the UK property market, with the article discussing how buyers and sellers are adapting to changes brought about by the pandemic.


While the UK property market and HBO’s Last of Us may seem like unlikely comparisons, there are some interesting similarities to be drawn between the two. Both highlight the impact of changing circumstances on people’s lives, the importance of location, and the need for adaptability. Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or fan of the show, understanding these similarities and differences can provide valuable insights into both the property market and the post-apocalyptic world of Last of Us. Follow our inbound and outbound links to learn more.

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